Pic of my faceI am Tracy Cooper. I am a certified Reading Specialist (K-12), also licensed in English, Social Studies, Psychology, and ESL. I currently serve as a curriculum and instructional coach supporting  K-12  teachers in a midwest urban district.  I taught at various levels in multiple contents for 23 years.  I proposed and implemented an intervention program for students in grades 6-9.  This blog was originally established to explore and share my process and experiences.  My role has recently shifted to co-guiding and co-implementing our state’s dyslexia initiative in my school district.  I believe all students have the right to educational experiences, especially through wide reading, that open their hearts and minds to the universal human experience while respecting what is unique and valuable about their own perspectives and the perspectives of those around them. 

I am Amy Rousselo Adam.  I am a doctoral student at the University of Kansas in the field of curriculum and instruction. I have previously taught grades 6-9, language arts, English as a second language, reading intervention, and honors classes in various states and countries. I previously worked as an Instructional Coach. I am currently teaching advanced placement and reading intervention classes at the high school level. I believe that there should be no gatekeepers who consciously or unconsciously choose who gets to be invited into a life of literacy. We all, however, have a responsibility to be greeters and ushers.


Our Disclaimer
The suggestions we share through this blog are our responsibility.   We work in districts that chose to support the development of thoughtful multi-tiered literacy intervention for students in our middle and high schools. The practices applied in our classrooms are not being touted as a one-size-fits-all solution.  Actually, the goal is to diligently avoid applying a singular solution to all students by respecting the funds of knowledge and life experiences that our students bring to all learning experiences.  We honor that understanding of our students’ strengths is as important as understanding their needs. Our posts are simply intended to support other literacy teachers as they perfect the use of research-based instructional and learning strategies with their own students. The information we choose to share only reflects on how we seek to integrate effective practices in ways that are working for many urban students in OUR districts.  We look forward to learning from everyone who finds the time to read and share.